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Flekkefjord Plast AS

Flekkefjord Plast AS, P.Box 26, N-4401 Flekkefjord, Norway. 
Manager: Per E Birkeland. Mob.Phone: +47 911 43189.  E-Mail: < pebirkeland@c2i.net >
Heading designed by: Kenneth Skailand,  www.mobilcrane.com 

Skailand Kranservice and Flekkefjord Plast AS will co-operate in adequate projects. This company is a specialized factory in repair of glass-fibre armed product's. Main/chief occupation so far has been repair of float-elements, used in the petroleum industry, when drilling for oil. The float-elements are used on the riser from the bottom of the sea, up to the plattform, to compensate for the weight of the riser. Weather conditions in the North Sea, inflict damages on the float-elements ever so often. Flekkefjord Plast AS is in a period of expansion, and will extend the field  of activity. There will be added more information in this site gradually. Repair of special parts, made in glass-fibre, may be execute by order. Please call or E-mail to Manager Per E Birkeland < pebirkeland@c2i.net >, for further details. 
Klikk for å se kun bildet

Klikk for å se kun bildet

One product from Flekkefjord
Plast AS. A full size cabinet for
security and/or fire fighting


The inside of the cabinet's
is equip'd with shelves,
according to the customer's
request. For more information,
please contact
Flekkefjord Plast AS.





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