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LTM 1400, on-line rep.

The Liebherr LTM 1400 is a very reliable crane, but when there is a problem with the system, the crane-operator is helpless without assistance.  During recent years, my company has in several situations been able to assist the operator in solve (work out) a problem with this crane, simply by use of the schematic diagram and telephone. This demand for a confident knowledge with the operator, do to great danger, if something is done incorrect. In every situation the possibility for hazardious condition is of vital importance for my possible decision. When I know the person in the other end of the telephone, several minor faults may be repaird within short time, all dependent of my knowledge to the individual system, and access to schematic diagrams.
By use of new technology, there is nearly no limit for what that can be execute. All schematic diagrams for this Liebherr LTM 1400, is in my lap-top, and are accessible at all time. In future I will try to have diagrams of the most of cranes in my database. 
The Demag TC 600, with my new system, is an other example to demonstrate the situation. In the last  three years, there have been an defect three times, and the faults were all repaird by telephone, within 15 minutes. ( see site with the Demag TC 600 for more details). Last time I repaird this Demag TC 600 by phone, was 10.10.2003, at the same time as I was editing in www.mobilcrane.com. The diagrams for this Demag is also saved in the PC I use for the web.   

Manager Kenneth Skailand, Skailand Kranservice                              www.mobilcrane.com

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