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Salvage outside Tallinn

9 August 2003
Skailand Kranservice
will assist SeaEx AS (former. Grenland Sub Sea AS) in a project to rescue a 958 ton load of silicate mineral, from the ship Zenitas, who sank 6. June 2000, 3,5 kilometer out from Tallinn, Estonia (Estland). More detail's when the mission is completed late in August 2003.                                                                                    www.mobilcrane.com
From deck on the ship used by Seaex AS, in the salvage outside Tallinn, Estonia. In default
of ore, clay comes as second-best.                                                      www.mobilcrane.com 
28 August 2003
A lot of money from the clay bottom, or a lot of clay bottom from the money, time will show. 

27 September 2003
How long will it last? 

Source of this setup: Dagens Næringsliv, www.dn.no   
There is at present time 20 claims in debt-collecting agency's aggressiveness (inkasso), the oldest case are 18 monts old. 

Officially Name  SEAEX AS
Post-address Drangedalsveien 100
Visit-address Drangedalsveien 100
Forms of Business Organization Joint-Stock Company (AS)
Organization Number 980801802
Results For Year: 2002
Annual Sales/Turnover 645 000
Result Before Tax -1 545 000
Trading Result -1 396 000
Own Capital -3 383 000
Source: www.dn.no 

The administration team of Seaex AS, Norway
 (former Grenland Sub Sea AS, Norway.)
Pål Espen Gauslaa, Supervisor at the site.
Sjur Jørgen Øvrevik, (The Company "Norsk Finansanalyse ASA", Kristiansand, Norway.
Torgils Skajaa, Chairman of the board of directors & Solicitor/Lawyer.

Pictures from the site, at times everything were contaminated by clay.
The hydraulic system on the "ROC" (remote operated crane), cause some of the problems, by need of maintenance. SeaEx AS, has in a document, indicated possible errors in the hydraulic-parts, supplied from a company in Norway.
Consider the environment all work and oil-filling were executed in, and the way the equipment was treat, always surround by clay, it must be more likely to talk about the miracle, how long the equipment did last.
In additional, the hydraulic system had several minor constructional defects, like no (for me) visible filters, proportional-control valves from Danfoss, designed for max. 10 Bar(G) at the T port. and a under-dimensioned pipe/hose/fittings system. When running the system on deck, some points on the hydraulic line, create enough resistance to heat up these particular points. The pressure in the return-system (T) is not known, but is likely to have been quite high. And since the proportional-control valves were mounted in a chamber, set to vacuum, the pressure of the water column, must be added to the already existing counterpressure in the return system, at least concerning the valves. They had a tendenc to be leaking.
All together there were refill'd roughly 3000 liters of hydraulic oil on the "ROC", at the site outside Tallinn, generally caused by oil-leaks.                                    www.mobilcrane.com

1 October 2003
SeaEx AS
despatch a "Form of Acceptance" to all creditors. (Later information indicates that there are some strategic exceptions). 
The document tells the story behind this reportage by SeaEx AS own words.
Download from this web-site:  Page1  Page2  Page3  Page4  Page5  Page6  Page7
The documents are in jpg, total 1,3Mb. all in Norwegian text. 

7 October  2003   
SeaEx AS
will probable go into bankruptcy.

8 October 2003 
Latest news, not confirm yet. The contract between SeaEx AS and the Assurance Company, wich is the owner of the cargo of silicate mineral, was not valid, so SeaEx AS may even loose everything. The complete salvage-operation in Tallinn will then cause a total loss of roughly 5.400.000 NKR. The news made me smile, it cant be true.
9 October 2003
SeaEx AS will probably soon collapse. Feedback from the web indicates that SeaEx AS,  have lost not only a big amount of money, but also all credibility from potential joint venture company's, and will obvious have problems to rice capital in any future project. Some of the men behind SeaEx AS, is already well-known in Norway, to be suspect.
Don't let anyone of them fool you.  www.mobilcrane.com
11 October 2003    
The newspaper Fedrelandsvennen, Kristiansand, publish'd a coverage of SeaEx AS's situation.
The report may be downloaded from www.mobilcrane.com by entering HERE! 
Unfortunately only in Norwegian text, translation soon avilable.
15 October 2003
Skailand Kranservice
was contacted by the owner of the umbilical-winsh, after reading the information that's available in www.mobilcrane.com. He needed transport for the equipment. The operation was organized, see "Safe job Analysis" in this web-site, to avoid any unfortunate incident/accident.
17 October 2003
Skailand Kranservice
execute the transportation of the umbilical-winch, from SeaEx AS site in Porsgrunn. In the "Form of Acceptance", Torgils Skajaa quote from Murphy's Law, No. 4. "If anything can go wrong, it will"
Murphy's Law has several Laws that seems to be developed particularly for SeaEx AS. Here is four of the statements. 

1. Quantization Revision of Murphy's Laws: 
    Everything goes wrong all at once.
2. Murphy's Law of Thermodynamics:
    Things get worse under pressure.            
3. Murphy's Constant: 
    Matter will be damaged in direct proportion to its value
4. Smile . . . tomorrow will be worse.

To secure the claim at SeaEx AS, a container with some equipment, was confiscate by Skailand Kranservice, the same evening the umbilical-winsh was transported to it's owner in Stavanger. Follow the development of this affair by this web-site. All new information will be made public to the web. The transportation was execute in a professional way, and no of Murphy's Laws were  made effective. www.mobilcrane.com

18 October 2003          
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Download full size
The financial newspaper "Finansavisen" publish'd a detail coverage, covering the centrespread.
Download the page and read the story, unfortunately the page is in Norwegian language.  www.mobilcrane.com
19 October 2003 
In the "Form of Acceptance", the conclusion of the board of SeaEx AS were definitely. All creditor's had to accept the formular. Otherwise they could not see any other solution, but would have to declare SeaEx AS bankrupt.
Skailand Kranservice rejected all form of co-operating, and requested SeaEX AS by mail, 7 October 2003, to declare themself bankrupt. Download the document HERE. This has not yet been done. I wonder whether they are looking for some way to continue the enterprise. www.mobilcrane.com

22 October 2003        
The confiscate of the equipment-container, was reported to the Police in Telemark, and are now a subject of investigating. Based on this web-site, the Police will not have any problem to solve the case. The problem is more likely to decide who's the criminal. Download the document SeaEx AS did send to the Police HERE. The document is only available in Norwegian text.  www.mobilcrane.com

24 October 2003
Skailand Kranservice
was contacted by an affected company's owner, from now on call'd Mr.X.  The intention of the meeting, was to solve this matter in a generally way. A part-payment was negotiated forward, and Mr.X. pass'd on the proposal to the board of SeaEx AS.   www.mobilcrane.com  

28 October 2003
received a message from SeaEx AS. They did not want to settle this situation in a generally way, and based the decision in the statement, that SeaEx AS belive to hold a good case against Skailand Kranservice. 
If SeaEx AS had accepted the proposal, they could have ended this conflict, for the low price of 43.400 NKR. Although it would had been nice to end this dispute, Skailand Kranservice are satisfied to know that the story from the salvage in Tallinn, will be available for anyone of interest, on this web-site, until SeaEx AS has paid the amount of the invoice, including mora interest and all expenses/charges/costs.    www.mobilcrane.com

29 October 2003
Google has shown it's superiority, this site will from now on be found on almost any search key.

30 October 2003

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!
Skailand Kranservice
has started an inquiry, to check if there has been any violation of the law, regarding SeaEx AS long-lasting management, on the cost of all creditors. A chairman of a board of directors, which is a solicitor, is placed under special requirement, regarding the laws of Norway. Time will show who's the biggest criminal.                www.mobilcrane.com

3 November 2003
Everything is quiet now, no additional remarks so far. This affair has taken to much of my time, Skailand Kranservice will concentrate in future prospects. If SeaEx AS still keep on it's activity, without liability to pay the bill's, I will for certain take the costs of requesting SeaEx AS bankrupt. To do that, a handling charge of 20.000 NKR has to be paid. 

4 November 2003  
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Enter the site here.

By search in google, information indicates that there may be some large sums invested in other business organizations. Enter the "Canada NewsWire" and check for your self. The information is presumably from 2002, and may not be updated, but with a view to the history of earnings,
"Norsk Finansanalyse ASA" presumably had an income of
8.000.000 NKR. in year 2000.On the web there is some
information of interest, download this document now.
"Norsk Finansanalyse AS increases investment in EnerVision Inc. above 17% from 10%"

7 November 2003 
Skailand Kranservice
has started with a countermeasure against SeaEx AS, and/or responsible person/persons. A document has been sendt to Telemark Police District, with the requirements, to prosecute and  sentence the company SeaEx AS and/or responsible person/persons. Download the document as a jpg file HERE. (141kb) or as a word-ducument HERE. (26kb)                                                                              www.mobilcrane.com

8 November 2003         
Information from Tallinn, Estonia, confirm's that the labour which worked for SeaEx AS on the ship, cleaning the cilicate-mineral for clay, has yet not been paid fully salary's. It's presumably talking about 4-5 men's payment, and the total amount is around 20.000 NKR. How low can the moral sense get. The informant indicates that if this company is not stopped, there will be used unconventional practices in the struggle against SeaEx AS. Lets hope the situation is settled before the labours representative react.                         www.mobilcrane.com

10 November 2003
Skailand Kranservice
 carried out a check of SeaEx AS's creditworthiness, by Creditinform.no ( done at a company with a licence to use creditinform.no )
The result talks it's own story, no comments will be necessary. Download the document HERE. It's in Norwegian text, but the figures speaks for themself, independent of language.  www.mobilcrane.com

2 December 2003
Skailand Kranservice
 will probable request SeaEx AS bankrupt in the middle of December 2003. Now it's just a matter of time and money. The loss so far is about 83.000 NKR. To spend another 20.000 NKR to settle the situation, will be a pleasure, and will bring everything to rest. And then we can all join in the Happy Christmas Time, without vondering about treasures in the clay, deep in the sea. www.mobilcrane.com

6 December 2003

Now SeaEx AS is looking forward to being claimed bankrupt by Skailand Kranservice. And since it’s a pleasure to claim them bankrupt, everyone will be satisfied. The value of this site will for ever be of more value than SeaEx AS could ever dream of. The show has not began yet, stay with www.mobilcrane.com , and follow the story to the end. The site: www.mobilcrane.com  will never let any company  keep on walking, without any responsebility. Anyone of interest are welcome to contact www.mobilcrane.com for more information. The site about SeaEx AS will stay on the web forever, just to show all other, what will happend, if they fool aroun with Kenneth Skailand. Let the history speak it’s own story. The story behind some of the people behind SeaEx AS, will clear all doubt. All facts are not yet available, but they who live, will see for shure some day.

Manager Kenneth Skailand.

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12 December 2003
After Skailand Kranservice had execute the commission in Tallinn, there came a period with waiting for the settlement. Now the time has come, when the owners of SeaEx AS will have to wonder, when Skailand Kranservice will take action, and claim SeaEx AS bankrupt. Lets see how long it will take the owners to come into the open, and liquidate SeaEx AS by own hands. Every morning they will have to ask themself, as to when is the day, when they will be claimed bankrupt. The signals given Skailand Kranservice, indicates that my line of action has been very irrational, and that may be so, but the question that has to be asked, is like this. Who put the salvage into effect, and who was in charge of the operation? In the end, SeaEx AS will only have themself to blame.
Information from United Kingdom indikates that SeaEx As apparently belive that everything is going their way. Someone will never understand when the ship has sank. It has been very interesting to use the power of internet, to stop this company, and I consider the mission accomplished.
Sincerely, Kenneth Skailand, manager of Skailand Kranservice and www.mobilcrane.com.

20 Desember 2003
It it seems that SeaEx AS is just one of many company's that is under control/ownership structure of the men behind SeaEx AS. And when one company drop out, they just walk on to the next one, without any responsibility for the creditors left behind. Here's the company's found on the Brønnøysund-register. Taxus Biomed ASA reg.no. 981187466mva, SeaEx AS reg.no.980801802mva, Trece AS reg.no.976863089mva, Skajaa Torgils reg.no.975641546mva, Vindholmen Produksjon AS reg.no.951368199mva, Herøya Utbygningsselskap AS reg.no.951184136mva, Norsk Finansanalyse ASA reg.no.950283637mva, Offshore Engineering Group AS reg.no.933581209mva.


12 Januar 2004
It's never over till it's over. And nobody knows when this story ends, although it may be ended by all participators. The big question to ask must be, when will the ship sink, just by it's own weight. According to Torgils Skajaa, Chairman of the board of SeaEx AS, a bankrupt-claim against SeaEx AS, will be in the interest of SeaEx AS, and prevent them from the burden, to announce themself bankrupt. Enter HERE to read the latest correspondence between SeaEx AS and Skailand Kranservice. ( Norwegian text only.) If you have interest in looking into some history behind the establishment, check out the "KingSave-project".  Enter HERE, and read the article that "Fedrelandsvennen" made public in 2000.   

The result of publication will be follow up by this web-site. Probable consequence of publication of this business-affair, is to prevent all future investors and supplier's from disinvestment's and probable loss. 
Skailand Kranservice will not accept any one to carry on business at the sacrifice of creditors, in long terms, without any countermeasures. Arguments and counter-arguments are welcome to this web-site. Enter HERE!

Manager Kenneth Skailand, Skailand Kranservice, www.mobilcrane.com 

Rev. 20060901 www.mobilcrane.com
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