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Lifting-calculator, advanced.


Skailand Kranservice has now produced a new calculator for use when lifting loads where all lifting-point's may have unsymetric placing from the senter of gravity of the load, even in Z-axis. The calculator will provide you with all essential data you need to lift the load, containing lengt and strength off your wires.
However, if you do need any special calculations witch may not be calculated with my product. please contact www.mobilcrane.com for further assistance. The calculator may be downloaded in a Trial-version free of charge. Click on the picture, or download HERE Excel Worksheet (Version 20220115 1.1.5 Trialversion December 2022)
The calculator has now been improved with a posibillity to transfer the load to either A&C or B&D. This will make it possible to calculate all kind of different situation's.
A Full-version is now available at www.mobilcrane.com

New. 20070314  Rev. 20220115 www.mobilcrane.com bilde 

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