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Boat-Lifting-Device, 5 ton

This lifting device is constructed by Skailand Kranservice, and the maximum lifting capacity is 5000 kg (11'023 pounds) All 4 hook blocks have it's own wire attach to the winch drum. The hardware components are all painted with "Offshore Standard Painting", and the wire-quality is 316 Stainless-steel. To prevent from the influence of the sea-air, the winch is placed inside a wall.

The owner of this boat, Mr. Geir Skailand, do not have any problems with growth, not to mention the avoidance of damages caused by ice and bad weather. And if any part of the underside of the yacht or the stern-drive need's maintenance, he just enters a little raft, and carry out his work. To operate the winch, a controlpanel is placed on the wall nearby. It may also be able to control the lifting-device by a cordless remote-control.

The lifter seen from seaside. This picture was taken the 10.th of June, 2006. Since the wires are made of stainless steel, and all other parts are painted with offshore standard paint, it's all lokking like new.

The winsh with control-unit. Click on the picture, and see the winch close-up.

The house of Mrs. Edel Aglen Skailand & Mr. Geir Skailand is a very nice construction.

For references, please contact Skailand Kranservice or Geir Skailand.       

If this is what you are looking for, please contact Skailand Kranservice. The system may be dimensioned to lift all sizes of yacht's, up to several hundreds of tons. This lifting-system is probably one of the most professional boat-lifter's in the world.
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