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Gjerde AS
Gjerde AS is the most complete vendor of lifting equipment in the Norwegian market. With a tremendous selection of standard products, 35 years of experience and our own staff of engineers, we can supply tailor made solutions for our customers.

Our new and modern 2800 sq.m facilities helps increase efficiency and service, - which means less cost for our customers.

Some of our best known products are Heila marine cranes, Hiab cranes, winches, blocks, lifts and hoists, A-frames, Hatch Deck Mobile Cranes, Cherry Pickers, Lifting tables, Grab systems, lifting yokes, baskets, fall arrest equipment, wire and slings.

We can offer annual control, certification, custom productions, classifications - all performed by qualified engineering personnel

Please contact our skilled staff for any inquiries. We can supply a wide variety of products and services.

Offshore & Maritime -   Engineering -   Inspection & Certification -   Hoisting-    Rental equipment   

Truck bodies     Spare Parts -   Used equipment -   Training -   Fall arrest equipment

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