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AC 200 & Saipem 7000

The Saipem 7000 at the quay at Randaberg, outside Stavanger. This was back in 2006, but I did find it interesting to put some pictures on the web now. I was just operating a Demag AC 200-1 on the quay, to strip a barge for some equipment.

Saipem 7000 seen from the crane-end. If you look close, you may see the AC 200 on the quay, just in front of the dockside crane.

The "Small" piece of steel  do have a weight of 200 ton (metric). This had to be placed far in on site, I think we are talking about 200m. Notice that Saipem 7000 is not longside the quay, but laying on anchoring roughly 30m out. This had to do with depth  of seabed.

I did take this picture during the crane lowered the boom. Notice that starboard crane have turn around opposite from the crane that are lowering the boom on to shore.

Some data from Saipem's web-site:
2 twin S 7000 model fully revolving bow mounted Amhoist cranes.
Main blocks tandem lift: 14,000 t
Main block single lift: 7,000 t revolving at 40 m rad./41 m tieback 6,000 t revolving at 45 m rad./50 m tieback
Aux.1 block: 2,500 t revolving at 74 m rad.
Aux. 2 block: 900 t revolving at 115 m rad.
Lowering capability to 450 m below sea level
Whip hook: 120 t revolving at 150 m rad.

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