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P&H Omega - 18T AT Crane

The P&H Omega S18 1985. With almost 25m bomlengt, this crane was one of the early AT cranes, qualified to compete in the 20ton-class. Original the crane was equipped with a Deutz Diesel engine, BF6L 913. After a engine-breakdown/damage in 1999, the Deutz was replaced with a water-cooled Scania DS 9.01 1987. The new engine made the P&H Omega very comfortably, regarding both usage and maintenance. The old Deutz requested for change of all drive-belts every 500hour, mostly because of the belt driven air-compressor. (This was tested out, and if the belts wasent changed, they broke roughly by 600hour.) The replace of the belts, a number of 5, normaly was a one hour job. After the change to the Scania DS 9.01, the belt-problem became history. If the 2 belts on the water-cooled engine needs for replacement, it's a 5 minute job to execute.
The P&H Omega S18 is equipped with a ZF powershift transmission, 6 WG 120. It gives the crane 6 speeds forward, and 3 speeds in reverse. The pull-force (on wheel) for the crane is approximately 8ton, and the maximum gradeability at travelling speed of 1km/hour is 50% (27 degrees.)

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