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Problem-solving by network

Some problems may be repair'd by any local technician, working together by Internet. Pictures and diagrams can quickly be transferred from one side of the world, to the other side. Wherever I am staying, the laptop is always with me, or I am closely to some PC. Even in the car, I'm able to go online. So when a problem needs my attention, call me and mail me all information you can, and I will serve you from anywhere. For instant contact, call +47 917 932 11. All mail should be sent to post@mobilcrane.com . If the problem is out of my qualifications, and need's attention from any manufacturer's service department, you will know immediately.                                           www.mobilcrane.com 
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Enter my Guestbook, and read www.mobilcrane.com's readers letters and/or greeting. And please do not hesitate in adding your own contribute, no matter bad or good criticism. All contributes will be treat with all due respect.
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