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PAT wireless A2B

www.mobilcrane.com found this Wireless Anti Two-Block interesting, and decided to inform the readers of www.mobilcrane.com about this possibility. No wiring needed.
1. Installed quickly and easily in the field.
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2. Multi-channel transmission for enhanced signal reliability.

3. Used on any size mobile crane.

4. Monitors main and auxiliary lines, with a range of over 500 feet.

5. Minimum one year battery life.

6. Weather-proof enclosure.

The Wireless A2B helps crane operators to improve the efficiency and productivity of their operations by monitoring main and auxiliary lines and alerting the operator of an impending A2B condition. It can be installed quickly and easily in the field on any size mobile crane.


PAT offers global product support. All of PAT products are backed by a comprehensive service and training program, with the largest products support network in the industry. Parts are standard, interchangable and available from your local PAT dealer. PAT's years of engineering experience is available to provide solutions to your technical applications.

Source: PAT's web-site at www.patamerica.com


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