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Service-car, fully equipped
The 97 Chevrolet Tahoe is equipped with all necessary equipment for all kind of repair-work. When needed, the 2 ton trailer will carry any spare-part to the site. All work may be carry out anywhere, by use of the 12VDC/230VAC 1700Watt converter. For more heavy work, a portable ESAB 230V 3000W power, and 160A welding generator will be used.
For Express-Delivery, please contact Skailand Kranservice, and we may serve you. For reference, enter HERE!   
If the job is in the height, a personal-lifter will be hired from Valand's Maskinutleie.
By use of the portable 3000watt generator, this lift may be used anywhere. www.mobilcrane.com   

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