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Lifting in Theory & Practice

A reader of www.mobilcrane.com requested for some more theoretical information in lifting, and this site is intended for this use. Here www.mobilcrane.com will make public crane & lifting theory. The first move will be to ask for permission to print pictures/illustrations from some books. Any question in the matter will be welcome.

A separately site, Worldwide Crane Theory is now beeing produced. Please allow some time for all editing. The sub-site will be developed step by step, and hopefully end up as a complete site, with all necessary theory you need, when calculating lifting operations.   

Lower on this site you will find several diagrams available for dowmloading, all free of charge. Look at "Useful Downloads" in the "Menu" at the left side. By use of these Calculators, you may find the calculations in unsymmetrical loads, including computation of the tension in an angled lifting device.

Download "Lifting-calculator, advanced" HERE! (82kb) Excel

Download "Load-Calculator - 2 points" HERE! (22kb) Excel

Download "Load-Calculator - 3 points" HERE! (30kb) Excel

Download "Load-Calculator - 4 points" HERE! (28kb) Excel

Download "Force of Wind" HERE! (16kb) Excel

Download "Calculator for Triangle" HERE! (16kb) Excel

Download "Volume of Tank (Sub-marine)" HERE! (24kb) Excel     

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